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“Standards are the basis of a modern business. Set them properly, find the people who agree with you and watch your business grow.”

Milosav Dunjić

founder of company

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From Sketch to Life

We are a team of highly educated, experienced and trained professionals who work together to create and develop inspiring places and memorable experiences.

NS Hotels Hospitality Management Group is founded back in 2019 with a specific plan ahead of it. Based in Novi Sad, Serbia, we work towards bringing great ideas to reality. As a company specialized in hospitality management, our goal is to channel plans and investments through disciplined financial and market analysis to completed projects.


What Can We Offer


We chose most interesting,
premium locations,
create a beautiful design concept,
develop highly functional projects and work towards innovative products to inspire people.


Amazing landmarks and beautiful structures,
modern and vibrant meeting places,
stunning and innovative interior with most delicious,
homemade products.


Enriching the environment,
New interesting job opportunities,
Positive financial flow,
Return of investments.

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rooms and suites
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awards winning
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inovative products

Enquire about your own ideas and projects.

Make sure that your ideas are properly nurtured.

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Our Services

- Planning
- Development
- Market research
- System installation and implementation
- Setting operation procedures
- Training


- Fulfilling government standards and demands
- Setting health standards
- Procedure standards
- System standards
- Operation standards
- Researching building regulations
- Devising construction plans


- Architecture and design agencies
- Construction companies
- IT hospitality service companies
- Multinational F&B companies
- Domestic food production companies
- National associations of tourism, food and beverage
- Tour operators and touristic agencies